Saturday, August 14, 2010

September Card Swap

Hey Swappies,
I am pleased to inform you that I now have a job! (which gives me more $$ to spend). Any who... For those who havent responded to leting me know if you're joing the September swap please do so ASAP (!! I havent had time to match swappies this month (do to work schedual) but i will post them after the 15th.
This month's theme is PUMPKINS and or Halloween (i have a lot of halloween goodies i havent used yet.)
As always please use what you have...

i was thinking of having a random drawing with a prize... Let me know what you think! thanks

*** New comers always welcome!!!


Donna said...

Kristina: I like the idea of a prize for a random drawing. I have lots of things I can send you for prizes, it shouldn't have to be a burden to just you. I mean I have tons of paper, stickers,ribbon, stamps, or just diecuts. Maybe others can donate to for a grab bag. We can send a pkg. to you. You don't open it until the winner has been drawn, that way it will be a surprise to you too if you happen to win. save you postage I could just agree to mail a grab bag to whomever wins and those of us who want to can take turns. Anyway, I am a shopaholic and have tubs of stuff. Donna

Glamour said...

Sounds like a fun idea. But....managing this may be difficult for you. Let me know if Ican assist.

Diane aka Glamour