Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi swappers,
June's theme is Something Pink ( Sine June 23 is Pink day). anything pink. It doesn't have to be the whole card just somethink pink. (*Just a reminder to the newbies please use what you have no need to buy extras unless you want to). Just have fun!!!

Here are the swappies this month:
Delyte- Donna
Sarita- Susie
Betty-Debbie M.
Debbie L.-Julie

Sunday, May 23, 2010

swap info

Hi fellow swappies, sorry the may swap is just dragging... I have over worked my self. I have 3 swappies to send cards too still I'm sorry I'm late. I had birthday celebrations, and i am getting ready for a craft fair (which i have never done before) any who... I will post up June's card theme soon and the new swappies at last count we had 13 members and counting....
thanks for your patience....