Sunday, January 31, 2010

Card Swap Guidlines (repost)

Hey Everyone here are a few guidelines for the cardswap...

No need to buy anything (unless you want to). Just use what you already have.

THEMES are suggestions and can be changed or altered by swappies. For example if a suggested theme would require you to buy something because you don't have it then please change it and discuss it with your swappie. I want everyone to have fun. Also if you're not inspired by the theme suggested please talk to your swappie and change it.

Once your swappie is announced please email them directly.

I would like every swappie to swap every month without fail (ideally). So if things come up PLEASE contact to your swappie and I so we can make changes or stop your swap or something.

Also If for any reason you want to stop swapping PLEASE let us (ME and your SWAPPIE) know.

PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR CARD SWAPS. ( i will try to put mamabears card swap in the subject with all emails)

If you are swaping overseas: In a note on a separte piece of paper (do not write on the card) please write your address. (sometimes the post stamps over it and the recipient can not read it.)


Monday, January 25, 2010

Monthly Card Swap

So here we go!!! This is still a work in progress so bear with me....
I was thinking of Making this a one card swap, every month will have a theme, you can use whatever materials you have (no need to buy new supplies unless you have too or want too). Thinking about starting: March

I will need the best way to get in contact with you,email, address instant message something....
Contact me at:


to show proof of this i could call you and give you my word...

Anywho, I would need your contact info just to keep and match you up with your swap mate(s). Also just in case someone misplaces their swappies info i can give them that...

More to come with rules and the like...
Please feel free to give your input
Mama Bear Stonich (AKA KRISTINA)

First Blog Post

Welcome To My Blog... This Blog will include stuff about crafts... Scrapbooking, cardmaking, origami (im not expert), Crocheting (i dont do Kniting), baking (cookies, cake decorating {I dont do fondant so dont ask please} etc.

I will from time to time come up with crazy challenges, post new ideas and perhaps a contest.

So please feel free to comment, ask any questions, submit ideas and share your knowledge, tips, or technics.

THanks Mama Bear Stonich