Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Swappies and Theme

Hello fellow Swappies here is the new swappie list...
Sarita- Betty
Shelley- Delyte

I think the next theme should be Mother's Day. Since we all know a Mom, and Its coming up soon.
Deadline for this is April 15.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sports supplies for scrappers/and card makers

So my Husband and I are huge BAMA fans!!! And I have a scrapbook for our Crimson Tide football seasons. There is one huge problem we have being fans of the Tide... We live on the West coast. We live close to Bezerkly CAL, and Stanford. So The supplies are very hard, OK non existent on the side of the country. Articles, Magazines, pictures, paper you name it it doesn't exist here.
But Eureka!! I for a site that does carry it They have a few items which is better than what i got now!!!
I just thought i would share this information so if others do have a scrapbook/ or a College fan(of any college team not just BAMA) they need to make something for this site has papers and stickers...
Just a thought!
Have a great weekend!!


Friday, March 5, 2010


Hey Swappies,
I was thinking that Next month we trade swappies as We have new additions. Let me know your thoughts/feelings...

Oh yeah btw Please don't feel obligated to buy anything extra like stamps or the like unless you want to. I want this to be burden free... thanks

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey Swappies

Hey Ladies I just got a great question from a fellow swappie... I totally forgot to say... If you wanted to send a personal not to your swappie put that on a separate piece of paper so your swappie can use your card if they wanted too. Also just a suggestion I'm not sure if other people use these, but i have a stamp that says "Handmade by:" that i use on the back of my cards...
I do suggest that if you have this use it on the back of your creations... But you Don't HAVE to go out and buy one... OK i was just rambling talk to you soon.